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Customer Care

We at Mr. Koozy try to be chill (pun) by providing constant support throughout your purchasing, drinking, and smiling experience. To do so, we have placed our direct lines of contact on in our contact section for the most pressing of matters.

However, for more questions on business and less on Life Decisions, we find it best to reach out to us via From there, we and our customer support team will be happy to assist you with any issues, concerns, and possibly praise you might have about our products.

Privacy & Safety

Your privacy is just that, yours! That's why we don't look at or save your banking information. We use Wix's payment platform to safely manage our transaction, keeping both of us protect and private!

For more detailed information about how we keep our products and our customers secure, please contact us directly.

Your privacy, your happiness, is out drive and focus at Mr. Koozy. 

Wholesale Inquiries

So you loved Mr. Koozy so much you want to buy a warehouse full? Of COURSE!

When buying in bulk, we offer additional services including customized designs. 

From past experience, we've been happy to help Country Clubs, Sports Teams, Schools, and Companies to create a customized Mr. Koozy "can cooler". 

For all Wholesale inquiries contact

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

• Credit / Debit Cards

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